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About Me

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My name is Jenny Bevan of Contentment Coaching and I am mum to two daughters, Isabelle who is 5 and Jessica who is 3.

I have an OCN Level 4 Sleep Training qualification and am a member of the British Sleep Society.

I have a BSc (Hons) in Human Psychology and am an ILM Level 7 qualified Executive Coach and Leadership Mentor.

I favour using gentle sleep techniques which take longer to embed, resulting in sustainable habit change.

Why Choose Me

I know what it means to despair of ever getting your child to sleep. I am a mum of two young daughters, the eldest of which battled every nap and every bedtime from 8 weeks to 16 months. Using a trained sleep consultant gave me back my evenings and saved my sanity. When my youngest was born, I was able to embed the techniques I learnt right from the start and even when there were blips along the way, the tools and techniques re-established good sleep habits.